Ameeru Services Listing

Here we list a few of the common services we offer for building, or keeping your systems running.

All Remote Services are handled with TeamViewer ensuring end-to-end security and encryption. Visit for more information on the power, security, and capabilities of TeamViewer. Remote services to command line only nodes are handled via SSH connections only. Ameeru Services will never utilize non-encrypted protocols or services to connect to any clients network, or create any unaccounted for users to allow access to your systems when the work has been completed.

All Remote services above are possible only after the system to be configured is into an Internet online state. We can verbally walk you through the steps to achieve this. For initial setups, someone must be on-site to handle any service disruptions to keep the system in an Internet online state.

** If the device is capable of screen sharing inherently or with 3rd party software like TeamViewer.

*** Hourly Services are for small straightforward tasks. Any long-term work will require getting a quote for a price point more beneficial to you, the client, for the work involved.

Ameeru Niche Services Listing

Here we list a few of our Niche services. More added frequently. Make a request!!!

Online Store Creation and Management
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Social Media Management
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eCommerce Virtual Assistance
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Data Entry Services
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Database Management Services
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Research and Documentation Services
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Game character badge or level grinding services
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At Ameeru we are looking for Partnerships. Not just Clients

At Ameeru Services we handle traditional paid projects of course. However, for select ventures, we also offer our services for barter or a stake in your business, or project. This opportunity gives emerging business to leverage experienced technical service and strategic planning with less startup capital. Contact us to see if the opportunity qualifies.

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All work has a customized time range.

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