The Ameeru Story

It all started as a twinkle in my father’s eye…Ok, that is a little too… about us.  

 Seriously Ameeru Service, Ameeru Goods, Ameeru Service, and Goods has been a step-by-step progression. In the late 90’s I built computers because it was cheaper than getting a Gateway.

Then roared in the 2000 era and network building and maintaining became all the rage so I expanded my skill set to include bloody fingers from running and terminating thousands of Ethernet cables over the years. The computer industry shifted gears making boxed computers cheaper than custom builds, so I transitioned to creating state of the art performance and gaming rigs. I built for family, then friends, then friends of friends, which segued into small businesses until I remotely stood over a legion of systems.

The point of this long-winded typersation is when the need for change in the technology sector occurred, I ramped up, put in the work, and figured it out. As far as the Goods in Ameeru Goods goes, however. That is a byproduct of my interests in fascinating items from all over and between the spectrum that I figured you all would find use in as well. That and learning for some reason takes a serious amount of funding. Do not even get me started with the cost of testing things that I may never even install for any of you. Go figure that.

Ameeru is more than just concentrated tech talk. More than just a venue for pushing random products created by us, or sourced from the farthest reaches of the universe. Ameeru is also a venue for the sharing of information and ideas. Consider each blog or newsletter an opening for a conversation. For the resolution of a problem. For relaying the critical mental fuel for someone to create, or do something amazing. Life is about balance. When things are out of balance you have chaos. So welcome to A place that one day we hope can be of use to all of us, or you can just buy cool stuff. Balance, right?

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