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Ameeru Services specialize in turning your vision into a thriving business. Look below at some of the ways we can take your concepts from ideas, to reality

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We Design & Create Strategic Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Gone are the days of traditional offices. These days we can launch businesses from anywhere and Ameeru is here to help you realize your vision. 300 person office building? Done. 300 people working from the cloud anywhere in the world? Done. 1 person shop ran from a garage? No problem. Give us a call.

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Computer Services Highlights

Here we list a few of the common services we offer for building, or keeping your systems running.

System Build & Configuration

Here at Ameeru, we stay attuned to the industry happenings. So we while we, of course, build the standard systems, Gaming systems, Servers, media systems, we also like to take part in unique builds involving Rasberry Pi’s, and many other niche configurations.

System Security Services

With all of the hacks plaguing the tech, world security is a must. Since most system bugs need to be in the “wild” to be discovered. The security world will for now always be reactive. All hope is not lost however there are steps that can be taken to keep any network secure. From implementing hardware Firewalls to creating custom ports to the usual suspects of port openings. Ameeru can help you get secure.

Data Management Services

Data is king, and it is the lifeblood of your business. It is also where many people skimp due to the upfront cost of protecting that data. We have several methods of creating data pools synchronized over several locations. From Cloud storage to SAN clusters we have you covered.

Printer Services

Printer service is something that will hopefully go the way of the consumer fax machine. However, in the meantime, we handle the maintenance and configuration of many Laser and inkjet printers. We also can guide you on the path to creating a fully paperless production system.

Design Services Highlights

Here at Ameeru, we have access to all of the industry skill, technology, and software to help bring your design concepts to digital fruition.

Web Site Design

All businesses need an online presence. When you tell someone about your company the first thing they will do is go online and look you up. Ameeru will handle the grunt work in helping you secure a domain that fits your brand goal, and then a website that fits your brand vision. While we work primarily with the WordPress content management suite, Probably the most utilized in the world, we can also help with custom work.

Drafting Design

Here at Ameeru, we have great Drafting Designers. We can take your napkin drawings and create documents you can actually get stamped and submitted. We can also create digital drawings of your personal projects, that are kept in strict confidentiality, to give you a leg up when it is time to find a manufacturer.

Raster and Vector Digitizing

Are you a great artist that only works on canvas or paper medium, but you need a digital presence? At Ameeru we can take your artwork and convert it to either raster or vector art depending on its complexity. 

Network Services

Without a strong network, you can be reduced back to smoke signals. Below are some of the services we offer to build or fortify the information highway for your business.

Wired Network Service

While the world trend focuses on Wireless everything, a strong wired backbone is needed to keep the data flowing. Ameeru Wired Networking service is actually design. Yes, we run the Ethernet, Fiber, and Coax from point A to point B, but there is an art form to it. We do not take 300 grey cables, zip-tie them together and walk away. We use colors and labels from point to point to allow for the efficient usage of these cables. We also work to ensure that our runs are as invisible as possible. This is next-level wired service.

Wireless Network Service

Wireless is the future. It is also a networking protocol that is under rapid development. With the emergence of the WiFi 6, or 802.11ax protocol, and the excellent routers being built to support this protocol. Understanding the strengths and limitations of this service allows us to create networks with little to no dead spots. We design, setup, and tweak our wireless implementations on-site for the best results. Then we secure our networks using industry best practices.

Routing and Switching

The weakest link in a chain creates a problem for the whole chain, and this is universally understood. What is not understood however is that the strongest link in the chain can also be exploited to create an even worse catastrophe. Layers 2 and 3 of a network are under constant use and constant assault. Poor or lazy configuring of these resources can lead to disastrous outcomes. Simply allowing for Switch port Trunking and Access is not enough. At Ameeru we listen to what you the client need when it comes to the purchase and configuration of your routers and switches so that we can create something fast, stable, and secure. From VLANs to strict ACL’s we have you covered. This does not mean wasting thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest either. This means strategically putting cost and time into equipment that meets your needs for now and allows for future scalability.

Strategic Services Highlights

There are many in-between services business need to be fulfilled in order to run efficiently. Ameeru Services has the capability, and or the connections to get them done.

Mobile Device Service

Our Mobile Devices are everything now. In the workplace, these same devices can either be an asset or a nightmare. Ameeru has several strategies for the Deployment and Management for your mobile hardware. Be it mobile phones or tablets we have a solution for you that fits your needs.

Virtualization Services

Before system virtualization came on the scene in the early 2000s every server was a physical box. This type of infrastructure is expensive and not energy or time-efficient to deploy or manage. With virtualization, we can now run headless servers that stack dozens of services in 1 box or blade. You can also deploy an entire LAN for your employees from a centralized server to cheaper Thin-client systems on-site, or as remote systems from the cloud. 

Cloud Services

We are at a point that almost any technical service can be provided by the cloud. From Domain services with Azure to file-hosting with Google there are many options to choose from. This is where the listening method comes into play. At Ameeru we spend time listening to you, our clients to get an idea of your workflow before even proposing a cloud strategy. As the old adage states. “Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should”. 

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