A Full Home Gym Anywhere you need it to be!!!

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Written By ameeru

On July 2, 2019

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These days with all the bad food, hectic work days, and even more hectic home lives exercise is more important Than ever. The physical and mental improvements you gain from a good workout help to balance to keep your temple in check.

     With the Ameeru Strength and Flexibility kit we provide a portable 11 piece full body experience.

  • Resistance Bands of varying resistance.
  • Hand grips to target your entire frame.
  • Ankle straps that offer a multitude of lower body movements.
  • A door anchor that allows you to create resistance movements parallel to the ground.
  • A 10-Loop Yoga stretching strap that gives you additional leverage on your stretching to gain athlete level flexibility.
  • A carry pouch to keep it all in one place and easy to transport.

     Swing by Ameeru Goods and pick up a set for you, or that special someone who thinks that they do not have the time for a full body Beast-Mode experience. Enter the code “Savage” to get 15% off your entire order until 8/31/19.



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